Can I Drive with a Certain BAC If I’m Under 21?

Hey everyone! So, I was doing some research and I found out that there’s a legal BAC for driving under 21. You won’t believe the consequences if you go over the limit!

Understanding Parental Alienation Laws

Have you guys heard about parental alienation legal? It’s crazy how that affects custody arrangements and all. Definitely worth looking into.

FAFSA and Owing Taxes

Wait, what’s the deal with getting FAFSA if you owe taxes? I need to look more into this because it could affect my college financial aid!

Latest COVID Travel Requirements

Guys, I found out the latest covid travel requirements in the Philippines. It’s so important to stay updated, especially with all the changes happening.

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company Contact Info

Need to contact Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company? Here’s their phone number and customer service info. Pretty useful to have on hand.

Is it Legal to Own a Squirrel in Ohio?

So, random question… Is it legal to own a squirrel in Ohio? I never thought about that before, but now I need to know!

Understanding ISO 17025 Facilities and Environmental Conditions

Okay, I had to look up what ISO 17025 facilities and environmental conditions are all about. It’s kind of confusing, but I think I get it now.

Public Holiday Pay Rules in South Africa

Did you know there are specific public holiday pay rules in South Africa? It’s definitely good to know your rights when it comes to getting paid on holidays.

Understanding Contract Due Dates

Contracts can be confusing, especially when it comes to contract due dates. I’m glad I found some legal guidance and resources to help me out.

Law Student Curriculum Vitae Tips

For all my fellow law students, here are some essential tips and examples for crafting a great curriculum vitae. Definitely helpful for applying to internships and jobs!

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