Yo, listen up, I’ve got a tale to tell
‘Bout lawyers and contracts, and fighting like hell
In Alberta, a standard real estate contract is the game
But you better know the rules, or you’ll be to blame
And if you’re into bacon, you better be aware
‘Cause SCD legal bacon has got some legal flair
If you need some representation, Irwin Law Firm is where it’s at
They’ll fight for your rights, and that’s a fact
AB 685, notice requirements in the place
Understanding legal obligations, you’d better embrace
NASA’s company location, exploring legal grounds
Legal aspects and regulations, you’ve been warned
Documents for car insurance claims, ICICI Lombard is the name
If you want that compensation, you gotta play the game
Basisboek legal design, essential for the win
Principles and techniques, don’t commit a sin
Law enforcement pole camera, watching from above
Surveillance solutions, justice they’ll prove
And if you’re a rookie, just getting started in the game
Make sure to get the lowest NFL contract, to avoid a lifetime of shame
MBA Debt Collection, they’re coming for your dues
Expertise in debt collection, they’ll leave you with the blues

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