We are a Peruvian company with more than 14 years of experience in the national and international market that is dedicated to the production of jewelery, costume jewelery, buttonmaking and clothing manufacturing, using “Astas del Toro” as raw material, which after A special process is converted into authentic jewelery, the same that are carefully produced by hand, using innovative designs with fine finishes, which give it a special touch of elegance and distinction, placing us at the forefront of the latest trends in women’s fashion.




Having been born in a town in the mountains of Peru, called “The Lost Paradise” by the writer Manuel Scorza, I grew up with the image of cattle whose antlers were incinerated and scarcely used for making rustic combs.

Faced with this image, the concern was born to find a better use for the bull antlers; however my family and work occupations made me postpone it.

Over the years, I observed the growing worldwide concern for the care of the environment and life allowed me to meet a person with a special and innate art that was also identified with the same concern. We both agree on the firm idea that his art and my vision would allow us to create a company that cares for the environment and generates jobs, thus contributing to the development of my country, founding the company Llamkasun Perú International Group S.A.C. and having as a brand the name of “CHUBBULL”

The fine pieces of jewelery from “Chubbull” are natural, as they maintain the natural colors of the raw material; their designs are innovative and satisfy the exquisite demands of our clients nationally and internationally


Our Chubbull brand, which means “bull horn”, holds the distinction of “Country Brand Peru”.

Among the representative elements that the Brand has, is the allegorical image of a Torito, the same that has become the main protagonist of fashion and beauty events for those women who want to wear unique pieces with an air of sophistication, innovative designs with exquisite demands at National and International level

“Chubbull enhances your beauty and takes care of nature”




Peru Fashion International Fair 2010

Peru Fashion International Fair 2012

Peru Fashion International Fair 2014

Peru Fashion International Fair 2015

Peru Fashion International Fair 2020

Handmade Fair Dec 11 & 12, 2013

International Beauty Fair – FIBELLA 2010

Chorrillos National Home Fair 2015

International Textile Expo Fair 2016

International Textile Expo Fair 2017



European Community support program AL-INVEST 5.0 2018-2019

Terracina Magic Fair – Club Terrazas Lima 2018

Lima Chamber of Commerce Partner 2011-2012-2015-2020




Environment Fair Frankfurt Germany- Gift Fair 2010

Inter Gift Fair – Madrid Spain – Gift Fair 2011

Leipzt Germany Fair – Gift Fair 2012

Columbus USA Fair 2013

Pacific International Alliance – Business Roundtable from 10 to 11 Mexico – June 2014

Pacific Alliance – International Round from June 18 to 20 Cali- Colombia 2015

Pacific Alliance – International Roundtable from June 15 to 20, La Paz- Bolivia 2018

International Technology Mission Bijoías Fair – Sao Paulo Brazil 2018

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